Synnøve Finden with “censored” cheeses

Synnove Finden cheeses.Photo: Tore Meek / NTB scanpix
When Synnøve Finden`s new Kongsgård cheese is put on  the store shelves, it will the with the sticker “Censored” in the place where the packing originally stated “a Jarlsberg-type.”
Follo District Court announced Friday their decision to refuse Synnøve Finden  to use this message on their Kongsgård cheeses.
The solution for Synnove Finden was using badges, and now the work is underway to put the “Censored” badges on the cheese packings. This work will be done by, among others, local sports teams from Alvdal, where the cheese is packaged,the newspaper Aftenposten writes.
Category Director Magnus Tollefsen in Synnove Finden does not what the excact costs will be.
– This is not the time to think about costs, we have focused on putting these stickers on the cheese before they are put on the shelves. By doing this, we will avoid having to throw away 100,000 cheeses packings, he emphasizes.
The ruling of the court is clear that it is Tine who owns the trademark Jarlsberg.
“Synnøve Finden is a commercial entity, who despite that they were familiar with the  fact that the trademark Jarlsberg cheese belongs to Tine SA, have taken a deliberate and calculated risk when the product was manufactured, “writes the court in its verdict.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today