Syria-traveller sentenced to seven and a half years in prison

prisonPrison.Photo. Norway Today Media

The 24-year-old Chechen was found guilty of participation in the ISIS and to have reached a terror agreement with them has in the Court of Appeals been sentenced to seven and a half years in prison.

The verdict is in line with the prosecutors, District Attorney Frederik Rank’s, assertion.

A 46-year-old who was charged in the same case was sentenced to four years in prison, a verdict that was six months stricter than the prosecutor’s assertion.

The two, a 24 year old Chechen resident in Oslo with a Russian citizenship, and a 46 year old man from Fredrikstad, were in December sentenced respectively to seven and a half and six years in prison for having entered into a terrorist association and to have joined the ISIS in Syria.

Both men were found guilty by the jury of participating in the extremist group ISIS, but the jury found that only the younger man had entered into a terrorist association. It has been asserted that the two were actually in Syria and took part in an ISIS-training camp in Taqbua.

– We are very pleased to have been notified by the jury’s that the 24-year-old signed a terrorist union when he joined ISIS. We are also pleased that the 46-year-old’s behaviour is considered as participation in the ISIS, Ranke told NTB after the jury’s verdict.

The 24-year-old has admitted that he was aiming to join the organization, but denies having planned to become a terrorist. The 46-year-old has claimed to mistakenly becoming an ISIS-recruit. His plan was to join the Free Syrian Army, and he did what he could to get out of the training camp with his life intact.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today