Syria war leads to less Russian aircraft activity along the Norwegian coast

Russian SU-27 fighterPicture of Russian SU-27 fighter.Photo: Finnish Air Force/Handout via REUTERS.

NATO has identified 23 Russian bombers just outside Norwegian territory so far this year, compared to 51 last year, they said at the operational headquarters (Forsvarets operative hovedkvarter, FHO).

‘Although there were fewer sightings of Russian military aircraft in international airspace along the Norwegian coast, the Russian activity at sea and under the sea has increased’, the spokesman in FHO, Brynjar Stordal, told Adresseavisen.

The Armed Forces have also conducted fewer call-outs by Norwegian fighters over the past year, 16 so far, compared to 30 last year.

According to Stordal, fewer call-outs by Norwegians is related to the Russian air force squadron which operates in the north now participating in operations in other areas, such as Syria and the border with Ukraine.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today