Syrian brothers sentenced to prison because of a rape case

Prison,Service NumbersPrison.Photo: Norway Today Media

Three Syrian brothers are in Haugaland District Court sentenced to four years and three months’ imprisonment for the rape of a 13 years old girl, despite the fact that the court ruled that the sexual intercourse was voluntary from the girl’s side, reported NRK news.

In addition, they must pay NOK 100,000 each in compensation to the aggrieved party. The new rape clause which came into force in 2015, stipulates that all intercourse with children under 14 years is rape regardless of whether the act was voluntary.

The issue in the trial revolved therefore whether the three brothers were aware that the girl was only 13 when sexual intercourse took place in their apartment in Haugesund in May last year.

The verdict says that the brothers repeatedly asked the girl about age, then she lied and said she was 18 years old.

The Court did however conclude that those convicted did not show sufficient care, and should become suspicious that the girl was younger than she pretended to be.

Defense lawyer for one of the brothers, Trond Hjelde, said the verdict will be appealed. Defender for one of the other brothers, Erik Lea, advise his client to do the same.

– He thought the girl was 18 years – as she pretended to be. Furthermore, the court says she appears as she is 18 years – it also says those who know her. How on earth would the boy of 20 years have revealed this lie? They boys are responsible not her, lawyer said to NRK.

Two brothers sentenced also to pay another 13 years old girl respectively 20,000 and 30,000 in damages for having felt up and kissed her. The two girls were friends.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today