Taxi driver charged with rape in Tromsø

District CourtDistrict Court.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

A taxi driver in Tromsø was accused of raping a female passenger in her 20’s. In addition, he was accused of abusing his position.


These facts were shown in an appeal filed by the public prosecutor in Troms and Finnmark in January, wrote TV 2 news.

The driver picked up the female customer and drove her to a street located a stone’s throw away from the police station in Tromsø. There, he is accused of having raped her.

The woman was so drunk that she was unable to oppose the attack.

The accused acknowledges that he and the woman have had sexual contact, but claimed that the contact was voluntary.

“He denies punishment for both appeal points,” said the driver’s defense lawyer, Bjørn Morten Litveit Hansen.


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