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Technology chief asks Norway to focus on artificial intelligence



Technology chief, Kai-Fu Lee, thinks Norway is lagging behind Sweden and Denmark, and urges Norway to focus on “the new oil”, namely, Artificial intelligence (AI).

“In this moment when the US and China are moving forward now, there will soon be no space left for Europe if you do not realise the importance of AI” said Lee to Dagens Næringsliv newspaper.

He was former head of Google in China and has had top jobs in both Microsoft, SGI and Apple. Now he is CEO of an investment company aimed exclusively at the development of artificial intelligence in China.

He suspects that Norway is lagging behind in Scandinavia when it comes to development and commitment to new technology, and asks Norway to look to the Middle East.

‘’In the Middle East, it has already been understood that this is “the new oil”. So then you have moved the money over from the old one. Norway should also do that’’ said Lee.

He showed, among other things, that Saudi Arabia’s government investment fund accounts for about half of the 100 million in the Japanese company Softbank’s investment fund for the development of artificial intelligence.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today