Faraj Ahmad can travel to Italy

Najumuddin Faraj Ahmad (AKA Mulla Krekar) italyNajumuddin Faraj Ahmad (AKA Mulla Krekar) in court. Photo: NRK / Pixabay.com

Faraj Ahmad can travel to Italy to face terrorism charges

The Norwegian Government believes that Najumuddin Faraj Ahmad (AKA Mullah Krekar) finally has received documents enabling him to travel to Italy and face the terrorism charges against him there. His defence lawyer does not believe that is correct.


In a press statement, the Directorate of Immigration writes:

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration has, on instructions from the Ministry of Justice, decided that Najumuddin Faraj Ahmad, better known as Mullah Krekar, will receive necessary travel documents to meet in court in Italy.

The “Scholar’s” (Mulla) Norwegian defence lawyer, Brynjar Meling, has not been informed by the ministry of developments in the case when NTB contacts him.

– I register that they inform the media first. I believe that this is more of a media ploy than reality, he answers and adds:

– I will now wait and see if there is anything more than populist political outpourings forthcoming.

On the UN list of terrorists

Several conditions have made it difficult for Ahmad to travel to Italy. He has been expelled for being a security risk to Norway and also imposed travel restrictions as he is prominent on the United Nations List of Terrorists.

Meling says that Ahmad would like to go to Italy to testify before the Italian court, but he does not see how it can come to fruition.

– To make it viable, he must be removed from the terrorist list. He must also be provided with a guarantee that he can return [to Norway] and that he will not be apprehended or arrested in Italy in connection with the case, Meling demands.

No ordinary case

In their statement regarding travel documents, the ministry also refers to the fact that Ahmad has been expelled from Norway and is on the UN list of wanted terrorists.

– In other words, it’s not a common case of travel documents, it is mentioned.

The decision has been reached by the Immigration Directorate, and according to the Ministry, Ahmad will be followed by Norwegian police to and from Italy in connection with the trial. Furthermore, he will be issued sufficient travel documents for this purpose.

The Government states:

Neither the expulsion order nor the travel restrictions prevent him from being able to meet in Italy in this manner.

– For the Norwegian authorities, it is very important not to hinder the case against Ahmad being tried before an Italian court,  Minister of Justice and Immigration, Tor Mikkel Wara (Progress Party), explains.

No foundation

Brynjar Meling believes in his view that there is no basis for any case against Ahmad in Italy.

– Had the Police Security Unit (PST) and the Norwegian Prosecutor’s Office, or someone else in Norway, believes that he is associated with terror, he would have been charged time after time in Norway, and not shipped off to Italy, the defence lawyer believes.

The trial in Italy has been postponed several times. On December 10th, it was postponed to February next year.


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