Ten buses burned out in a fire in Nord-Trøndelag

FiretruckFiretruck.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

The police in Trøndelag received a report of fire on ten buses in a parking lot in Kolvereid in Nærøy municipality on Tuesday.


‘Nine buses are totally burned out. There is a bit left of the last, and the fire service is continuing the work of extinguishing the fires’, said operations manager, Ebbe Kimo, of Trøndelag Police District to NTB News.

The police reported the fire on Twitter just before 03.30 on Tuesday morning. They’d received a number of messages about the fires.

‘Several people had heard and smelled the fires, and one called in and said he’d seen more buses fully on fire,’said Kimo.

He stated that there was no danger of the fires spreading to any building.

‘The buses are close to each other, so the fire may have started in one and spread, but it’s speculation. The cause of the fires are currently unknown, and we’ll make an investigation’, said the operation manager.

The buses belong to Trønderbilene AS, and the police announced that the company have been notified about what’s happened.


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