Ten year old crashes moped with drunken father on the back

Police at workPolice at work.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

The child welfare services have become involved after a ten year old boy, driving a moped, drove into a parked car in Drammen on Sunday. Behind him sat the boy’s father, ‘completely drunk’.
The boy had taken off by the time the police arrived at the CC shopping mall in Drammen on Sunday afternoon. It turned out that the first message they’d received, that a boy on a bike had crashed into a parked car wasn’t accurate, but that it was a moped the boy had driven, reported VG newspaper.

‘Additionally, a drunken man was being carried as a passenger. It proved to be the boy’s father’, said operations manager, Rune Hunshamar, of the South East Police District.

The man was taken to the police station for breathalysing, but the boy wasn’t found. No one was injured in the collision, and there was only superficial damage to the car. Everything indicates that the moped had been ‘borrowed’.

‘We want to talk to the boy and make sure he is doing OK. He is certainly anxious and scared about what happened’, said Hunshamar, adding that the police have sent a message of concern to the child welfare committee.

The father is of foreign origin, and police have been seeking to obtain an interpreter to conduct questioning of the man.

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