Ten years old murder case before court

Oslo District Court honour killing murder rape judgeOslo District Court . Photo: wikimedia.org

Almost ten years old murder case before court in Oslo

Two Somali men must meet in Oslo district court on Tuesday for a murder that occurred in Oslo ten years ago.


The two, currently 33 and 35 years old, are accused of killing or contributing to the murder of a man in the 20s at Johan Sverdrup’s place in Oslo night before March 24, 2008. The main accused 35-year-old left Norway after the murder. He was internationally listed as a wanted man, but not before the end of February 2016 he was arrested by German police when he was involved in a case of violence. In April of last year he was handed over to Norway.

The other person, a 33-year-old reported himself to the police the day after the murder, but was later expelled from Norway. This summer he was handed over by Kenya. The defender for the 33-year-old , Bernt Heiberg, informs Dagbladet that his client refuses culpability.

Voluntary return

– He has been willing to meet in court all the time, and reported himself to the Norwegian embassy in Nairobi when he heard that the police were looking for him. He came to Norway in May, Heiberg tells the newspaper.

Police believe the two defendants lured three other Somali comrades to meet at a party and therefore agreed to meet. According to the accusation, the now 35-year-old man fired at least three shots with a gun that hit the victim in his chest and arms. The 35-year-old is also charged with murder attempt of another man, but despite several shots fired, the victim only suffered a flesh wound in one arm.

– My client acknowledges culpability for deliberate murder, but not that it was planned. He therefore denies that it was a premeditated murder, “says defender fior the 35-year-old, Tor Even Gjendem to Aftenposten.

The case was originally scheduled for April this year, but was then postponed. Oslo District Court has put seven days aside for the case.


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