Tens of thousands of rats killed in Bergen this year

Two dead rats in the trapsTwo dead rats in the traps.Photo: Berit Keilen / NTB scanpix

A pest company in Bergen has killed 32,000 rats so far this year, far more than during the whole of 2015.

Frode Thuland in the pest firm Exterminators said to NRK news that it had caught 22,000 rats in traps during the whole of last year.

The rat catch during the first eight months and the first half of September however, could have been even greater if we had had less typical Vestland weather.

– I think really that we would have caught more rats if it had not rained so much. When the sewers are flooded,  many rats die in that they flushed into the sea and drown, says Thuland to BergensAvisen.

The firm has put out rat traps in drains and sewers throughout the year. The traps are triggered by motion and heat sensors. Most are caught in the city center, and one of the traps took 500 rats only a single week. Thuland said they wondered if the catch size could really be true.

– We have discussed whether it might be incorrect, but the numbers are consistent with other indications. Compared with the previous year, we see that the curve is very similar. There are most rats in the late spring and early autumn, says Thuland.

The Pests firm Rentokil confirms that there are a lot of rats in Bergen city center, especially around the Market  where the rats have an ample supply of food from all the restaurants and beverage outlets.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today