Terror attacks in Europe led to increased security at the Øya festival

Øya festivalOslo.Øya festival.Photo : Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Because of several terrorist attacks in Europe, the police have carried weapons at Øya festival in Oslo.

Police operations manager Steinar Hausvik told newspaper VG that decision armament is done because of a threat assessment that the police have done before the festival.

– There is a general assessment done considering that there are large crowds in a small area and from what we’ve seen of the events in Europe in the past it would be vised to do like that, said Hausvik.

Operations manager said it is also about the police response.
– Police is getting around in the arena and cars standing outside. If any attack occurs and we are not armed, we had to have run for the cars to arm ourselves.

Press Officer for island, Jonas Prangerød, say they have not received any inquiries about someone feel less safe because of that armed police were present.

The temporary arming of the police ended at 28th of January this year and the police allowed to be arms now only if they have a threat assessment as the they have done for the festival.
Hausvik said they have not received any specific threat against the festival.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today