Kripos involved in Thailand death

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Kripos involved after Norwegian man found dead in Thailand

Norwegian police were contacted after a man from Skjåk in Oppland was found dead in Thailand on November the 5th.


The case is being investigated as a suspicious death.

“We have assisted with the notification of relatives and questioned them,” said Ida Dahl Nielsen, Communications Manager at Kripos to VG newspaper.

The man has lived in Thailand for several years. He also had family there. The death occurred in the province of Nan, located in the middle of the country.

Kripos was notified on the 5th of November reported NRK news. Kripos was notified the same day as the death occurred. According to Kripos, Thai police are investigating the case with a view to finding out if there has been anything criminal involved.

The sheriff in Skjåk confirmed that it was a man who is originally from the village who was found dead.


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