The bus strike is over

BusPhoto: Terje Pedersen / NTB

After more than ten days, the bus strike is over. The parties reached an agreement at 7 o’clock on Thursday.

The first buses will return to regular operations from noon, according to Yrkestrafikkforbundet.

“Nevertheless, people must be aware that there will be operational disruptions throughout the day,” Yrkestrafikkforbundet wrote in a press release on Thursday morning.

A majority of the negotiating delegation recommended a settlement.

Member referendum

The result of the negotiations will now be put to a referendum by the four organizations’ members.

If the proposal receives a majority among the total membership, the settlement will be approved.

“We have more than doubled the original offer from the employer,” union leader at the Yrkestrafikkforbundet Jim Klungnes noted in a press release.

A NOK 20,000 annual salary increase

“The annual salary increase will be close to NOK 20,000 for individual bus drivers.

Among other breakthroughs, we have ensured that work is done on working time arrangements and safety measures,” union leader at Fellesforbundet Jørn Eggum revealed.

“We want to thank the population and our passengers for the massive support that we have experienced throughout the strike,” chief negotiator Stein Guldbrandsen at the Fagforbundet said.

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  1. Pravin B.Shrivastav | 1. October 2020 at 09:55 | Reply

    Thanks to all involved in resolving the deadlock. I was effected by the strike as I had to walk 1 hr to the office daily.

  2. Hoorayyy!!! 🙂

    I can venture outside my little town again, albeit in my facemask.

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