The Center Party wants to strengthen Nordic defense cooperation

Bengt FasteraunePhoto: Fredrik Hagen / NTB

The Center Party wants to have stronger security policy cooperation in the Nordic region. At the same time, it reaffirms Norway’s commitment to NATO in the north.

“This is not the time for experiments or surprises in Norwegian foreign and defense policy. We must be predictable and recognizable in everything we do,” the Center Party’s defense policy spokesperson, Bengt Fasteraune, told the newspaper Nationen.

Fasteraune points out that the Navy and the Air Force play an important role in monitoring Norway’s large coastal and marine areas by providing intelligence and surveillance resources. 

Along with intelligence, cyber defense, and national defense, he believes this enables Norway to take care of the important tasks for NATO, based on its geographical location.

Importance of Nordic cooperation

“Norwegian security policy also benefits from having more legs to stand on, among other things through stronger Nordic foreign and security policy cooperation. In the current crisis, we experience that the very close dialogue with our Nordic friends is absolutely crucial.”

According to a recent Kantar poll for TV 2, 95.6% of Norwegians want to retain Norway’s membership in the NATO defense alliance. 4.4% think Norway should opt out.

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  1. The British want to convene a Nordic defense conference. But with the anti-Russian British involved, the purpose of the conference would not appear to be *defense*.

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