The Church asylum seekers are going back to West Camp

The Church asylum seekers are going back to West CampKirkenes: Syrian asylum seekers Photo: Jan-Morten Bjørnbakk / NTB scanpix

The three Syrian asylum seekers who went to church asylum in Kirkenes last week has chosen to return back to Arrival Center Finnmark.

They are now being moved back to the reception center, which is also is called  the West Camp, according to the activist group Refugees Welcome to the Arctic, NRK reported Friday.

– Now they are free altogether and can travel wherever they want in the country. Then they must get up and signed up again so it does not happen something wrong with their asylum applications, says leader Eirik Nilsen in the activist group.

The three, two men and a woman, escaped from the reception and to Kirkenes church Thursday last week when it became known that the Police Immigration Service (PU) planned the shuttle service to Murmansk or Nikel in Russia.

The woman, who is pregnant, has in  the recent days had health problems, according to Nilsen.

– The last few days she has been in very bad shape. She has been on a doctor visit and will be back for a check at the hospital on Monday, he said
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today