The City Council will make Oslo the world’s first emission-free metropolis

rent out Oslo municipality's carsOslo.Photo: Pixabay

Oslo will be the world’s first emission-free metropolis, says the Oslo City Council, which on Friday launches a new climate strategy.

The goal is for greenhouse gas emissions to be cut by 95 per cent by 2030.

Among the measures will be to reduce traffic in Oslo, and that all vehicles should be free of greenhouse gases. The city will phase out all use of fossil diesel on construction sites, as well as facilitate more climate-friendly consumption, less waste and emission-free waste incineration.

This is the most ambitious climate strategy for any major city in the world. Together with Oslo’s residents and businesses, we will work for the next 11 years to remove the remaining sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the city. This is how we make Oslo an even better city to live, work, live and invest in, says City Councilor Raymond Johansen (Ap).

The strategy is also based on a commitment to expand the city’s public transport services, the construction of a new subway tunnel through the center of Oslo, and to expand the highways entering the city.

The City Council wants walking, bicycle and public transport to be the first choice for people traveling in the capital, and the goal is to reduce car traffic by a third by 2030.

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