The City of Oslo wants to help foreign beggars return home

beggarsOslo.Beggars : Erlend Aas / NTB scanpix

Instead of offering housing space, the City of Oslo wants to help foreign beggars get back to their homelands.

The ongoing virus pandemic is also affecting the homeless and poor in the capital.

On Friday, nearly 70 people were rejected at Fattighuset outside Greenland church, Klassekampen reports. In addition, the emergency overnight room at Paulus Church and a number of other services are now closed.

– The municipality is focused on helping those who want it with a return trip, Oslo City Council informs Klassekampen.

In Bergen, more than 23 foreign beggars have been supported by Nav to fly home since the Church City Mission (Kirkens Bymisjon) has closed all its offerings in the city.

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1 Comment on "The City of Oslo wants to help foreign beggars return home"

  1. Hector Luis Hernandez | 15. March 2020 at 17:11 | Reply

    90% (and I dare say more) of those who ask for money on the street are EU … they can work and they are not Homeless … they belong to a group that lives from that in big cities … and precisely they are in the big cities because the business gives them money … if they go to the churches it is to get even more money and goods …. here HOMELESS are the asylum seekers who are in the TransitMottak and many of them want to work and norway not leave them ….. but that of the street they are EU, they can work and they don’t want

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