The city of Oslo will monitor where people are at during Easter

Raymond JohansenOslo.Raymond Johansen.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

The city of Oslo will keep track of where in town people are at Easter. People who stay in places with too many other people can be notified via SMS to move themselves.

– “We are going to have tools where it will be possible to monitor, and see when there are many people outside, and we will also have to set up guards who can make sure that people follow the rules that are set,” says city council leader Raymond Johansen (Ap ) to NRK.

The city will have both its own guards outside, plus guards and volunteers from the Red Cross and Norwegian People’s Aid.

The city can also monitor the mobile density in an area at any time and send out SMS if needed.

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2 Comments on "The city of Oslo will monitor where people are at during Easter"

  1. Very prudent and forward thinking of OSLO. Community health is too important to ignore the epidemic. If only that was the thinking here in the US.

  2. Despite all the initial denial and unpreparedness, Trump – the US – has told Americans to facemask, HF, which Norway hasn’t yet done, so I wouldn’t be too critical of our country in comparison, if I were you.

    My question here is, What is the Easter Bunny’s status? Is he going to be barred from homes in isolation/quarantine? 😮

    Norwegian-American kids want to know!

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