The Civil Defense warning notices will be adapted for the hearing impaired

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

When the Civil Defense warning sirens are to be tested this Wednesday, the alert will also be organized for the country’s hearing impaired.

On Wednesday, the country’s warning system will be tested with sirens. Then the flight alarm will also be available as an alert on a mobile phone, to great aid for the hearing impaired.

Via the Flexilarm app, the alert will give the hearing impaired a (vibrating) and visual alert.

– “Notification via mobile phone is a useful supplement because it can be used for many more types of events that hearing-impaired people also need to receive on par with hearing,” says Robert Skarsbakk, general manager of Flexilarm in a press release.

– “The information that is delivered can also be more detailed, and you can narrow down the notification area,” says Skarsbakk.

However, figures from the Directorate of Health show that 14.5 per cent of the country’s population is significantly hearing impaired, which means that almost 700,000 Norwegians will be able to miss a socially critical alert, such as the airline alarm.

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