The climate crisis leads to anxiety in some young people


For some, the concern about the climate crisis is so great that they get anxiety and seek out psychologist’s help. Climate psychologist thinks anxiety is a sign that you care about the globe.

For Danish, Isabella Seedorff (19), existential concern for the climate and the future of the planet led to her being diagnosed with depression. She is not alone, writes Vårt Land.

“I have been called by several young people seeking help. Some of them are terrified that the world will burn up or that we will drown in floods due to climate change. Many of these persons are incredibly smart. They have read a lot and know the facts that indicate that we are heading for a crisis situation,” says Simon Elsborg Nygaard at Aarhus University.

He researches the psychological aspects of the climate crisis. He wants to give hope for the future of those who experience climate anxiety.

“In the short term, I advise them to seek out a community that looks fairly similar, but more hopeful, to the world.”

Climate psychologist Per Espen Stoknes says depression and anxiety are often seen as something wrong or sick, but he would rather look at it as a certificate.

“It shows that you are a human being who cares about the earth and that you are able to react as a human being by taking over the gravity of what we actually do with our earth,” says Stoknes

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