The Conservatives suggest a three-hour toll road fee break in Oslo – and open for it in Bergen

Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

The Right party in Oslo will not remove the tolls, but instead wants to introduce a toll free time slot of three hours. Also in Bergen they are open to such a toll grant, writes VG.

“Despite the pressure from the toll party in the two cities, the two city council leaders of the Conservative Party in Oslo and Bergen do not allow themselves to be pushed for large and comprehensive changes. Nevertheless, toll expenses have become a burden for many, especially families with children,” says city council leader Eirik Lae Solberg in Oslo Right to VG.

“Therefore, we suggest that families with children should have a three-hour break from tolls starting at 17:00, in the early evening where they only pay for one passage. They often need to get to school, drive home for dinner and drive out again to take the kids for leisure activities or family visits,” says Lae Solberg.

He says it is only the first passage which will be registered for a period of three hours from 5 pm in the afternoon.

“We want to provide relief to families with children, and we often discuss a “toll pause” as the Oslo Conservatives suggest. Today, the maximum number of passes you pay for in the month in Bergen is 60 passes. We want it to be halved to 30 for families with less than 700,000 in income, who have children living at home,” says party colleague Harald Victor Hove in Bergen Right.

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