The Corona epidemic is under control

Health Minister Bent HøieHealth Minister Bent Høie.Photo: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

Virus-infected Norwegians are likely to infect only 0.7 people on average. The Corona situation is now under control in Norway, according to the Minister of Health.

– Before we introduced the strict measures, every person in Norway infected on average 2.5 other people with the Corona virus. If this development had been allowed to continue, we probably would have been in the same situation today in Norway as we see in some countries elsewhere in Europe, said Health Minister Bent Høie at Monday’s press conference.

The government’s goal was for each infected person to infect a maximum of one other person.

– Now new figures from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health show that every Corona infection in Norway is likely to infect an average of 0.7 other people. This means that we have got the Corona epidemic under control, says Høie.

Hospitals can now plan for more normal operations and more planned treatment wherever possible. Many hospitals have had to adapt for an extraordinary situation as a result of the Corona eruption.

“At the same time, we must continue our efforts to build up the intensive capacity considering that we still have a Corona epidemic,” said Høie.

He thanked all Norwegians who followed the government’s advice.

– The efforts of the Norwegian people have given us a solid advantage, and we must keep that advantage, says Høie.

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2 Comments on "The Corona epidemic is under control"

  1. … except when people come out of self-isolation – going back to work or (more frighteningly) to school – it will attack again … unless everyone wears even a homemade facemask to impede it. … as well as following social distancing as much as possible and all the sanitation guidelines

    Thanks to Trondheim, it looks like everyone may be able to be tested and that will be excellent, but this virus is sneaky and may get by a few anyway. How often will people have to be re-tested?

  2. That’s an assumption — from the April 1 to April 5 cases in Norway were rising. Fell on April 6 . Not convinced.
    1. Your have a lot of cases when you have a population bit over 5 million.
    2. The number of deaths, 58 is larger than I would have expected as well.
    3. WHO data does not support claim.
    4. In addition children kept from school ? some countries are NOT doing that. What does the Evidence say ?

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