The Coronavirus measures have great support in the population

Karl JohanOslo 20200324. The coronavirus leaves its mark on Norway. Tuesday morning at. At 10.30 there were very few people in the center. A man sits in the stairs in front of the Castle and looks out over Karl Johan.Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB scanpix

Seven out of ten Norwegians support the government’s strict Coronavirus measures, a new study shows. Most who disagree with the measures want them tighten further.

In the survey that Østgaard and the research institute Sentio have commissioned for Klassekampen, as many as 72 percent say that the Coronavirus measures are appropriate for the situation the country is in. 21 percent want more stringent measures, while only 4 percent believe the measures are too strict.

Associate professor and head of the Center for Security, Crisis Management and Emergency Management at the University of Southeastern Norway, Jarle Løwe Sørensen, tells the newspaper that precisely the contagion curve is flattening and that Norway has fewer deaths compared to other countries, contributing to the resignation.

“The key to success has been the combination of trust in the government that has been built up over a long period of time, and a clear and precise crisis management with measures that have had an effect,” he says.

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  1. Yes, unlike Sweden, Norway is suppressing the epidemic, but through extreme isolation which even Norway’s economy can’t take much longer.

    But if we all come back out of isolation *without facemasks* (which is the distinguishing factor in China’s extraordinary success in suppressing the epidemic and getting people back to work and which our CDC Center for Disease Control is now *finally* (instead) supporting), the virus will resume striking … and harder … in the absence of a vaccine.


  2. The measures have been tough, but rightly so.
    There are positive signs that some parts of the economy are recovering.
    Tourism will continue to suffer for sure until probably next year, as will related industries, however there are many countries that really have little real control on the virus, so this is the right thing to do- much as it is painful for many of us.
    I feel, as in many countries, there are still population groups who believe they are either immune or will not get the full illness, unlike the elderly or sick. This may be true for many, however they put at risk the older population and those with illnesses such as cancer. I am sure they would not willingly play Russian roulette with the elderly or the sick, however that is exactly what they do.
    Every day I see less evidence of social distancing and never a mask on a train.
    We have been lucky here, I hope our luck holds!

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