The doctors’ strike is escalating

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The Norwegian Medical Association will step up its medical strike on Monday – a total of 35 doctors will be on strike.

Twelve new doctors will join the strike in the escalation in the municipalities of Kautokeino, Sirdal, Vang, Nord-Aurdal, Herøy (Møre og Romsdal), Karasjok, and Hasvik.

“It is always demanding to take employees in the health service on strike.

“This delicate balance is especially evident in an uncertain pandemic situation,” president of the Norwegian Medical Association Marit Hermansen said in connection with the strike.

Social responsibility

“Norway is in the middle of a pandemic that has had major consequences for the health service.

“Our first move largely protects the population and patients from the consequences of the strike.

“We are concerned with taking social responsibility, even during a strike,” Hermansen said when the strike was announced on Monday.

Doctors: Too much workload

On Thursday, October 15, the State Conciliator of Norway (Riksmekleren) stated that the parties couldn’t reach an agreement. 

The core of the conflict is the special agreement that regulates outpatient care and working conditions for newly qualified doctors, among other issues. 

The Norwegian Medical Association believes that the workload is too great. 

Today, doctors are obliged to work a certain amount of emergency room in addition to their GP job. 

The medical association wants a limit on how much outpatient work can be imposed on doctors.

The medical association’s requirement in the negotiations has been that the doctor must consent to more than seven hours of emergency care per week, corresponding to 28 hours in emergency care each month.

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