The epidemic in Norway is now between phases 2 and 3

Line VoldOslo.Line Vold, Public Health Institute (FHI).Photo: Fredrik Varfjell / NTB scanpix

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health now declares that the outbreak of the coronavirus in Norway is between phase 2 and phase 3, and at the start of a wide-spread epidemic, says Line Vold.

“We are thus just in the early stages of an epidemic, but this is a major outbreak, so it is classed as an epidemic in this case,” said Vold, who is department director at the Institute of Public Health at a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

According to FHI’s planning scenario, phase 2 involves imported cases from several countries and new cases in local clusters, while phase 3 is the main wave of the epidemic with a wide spread across society.

The next phase, which is phase 4, is a full blown epidemic with a huge strain on the health sector.

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