The FHI director warns against a new shutdown of Norway

Bent HøyeOSLO.Health minister Bent Høye and Director of the Public Health Institute, Camilla Stoltenberg : Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

The FHI director believes that the academic basis for the shutdown of Norway was not good enough, and warns against a new closure of the country – should there be a flare-up of infection.

– “Our assessment now, and I find that there is a broad consensus in connection with the reopening, was that one could possibly achieve the same effect and avoid some of the unfortunate effects of relapse by not closing, but by keeping open with infection control measures,” says director Camilla Stoltenberg to NRK.

At the same time, she warns against shutting Norway down again, even if the infection rates should increase.

“There is, of course, a strong willingness on the part of all parties to find instruments that are more gentle and more flexible,” she says.

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  1. A Norwegian FHI director should instead be warning everyone to facemask, especially in schools and on public tranportation which are the primary incubators and transmission terminals for any virus, let alone this most (by far) fast, sneaky, and deadly one.

    The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is now saying that contaminated surfaces aren’t as dangerous as had been thought. The virus is passed directly from person to person by contact and as seriously – it starts as a respiratory virus – aerially, in deadly sneezed, coughed, spoken, or just breathed droplet form and also by less certainly lethal aerosol/vapor doses.

    Just yesterday Camilla Stoltenberg was falsely (and dangerously) claiming shutting down the schools was a mistake, and just yesterday it was reported that a class and its teachers in Drammen were being quarantined because 2 of the schoolchildren had the virus. And someone else in a public service center has it.

    To stop *this* virus, everything possible must be down. Testing and tracing is just catch-up … typically too late. PREVENTION is vital: sanitation certainly, social distancing if at all possible, but *definitely* facemasking and (overlooked) VENTILATION with clean outside air.

    Camilla Stoltenberg is starting to look like a disciple of Sweden’s Tegnell, who should be facing criminal charges for professional negligence well by now( – not likely in herd-like Sweden, of course). She should be replaced by someone with more common sense and a less “professionally” doctrinaire/closed mind.

  2. Tor Gunvald Hegerland Thorsen | 25. May 2020 at 09:28 | Reply
    Check this video about the deadly virus

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