The FHI hopes the new infection control app will be ready by Christmas

Aapp «Smittestopp».Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

The FHI hopes the new infection control app will be ready by Christmas

FHI is working at full speed to land a solution for the Smittestopp-app, but have not concluded what technology to use. 

-”We are working on a study of alternatives. We want to do this thoroughly, but at the same time we can use too much time.”, said Assistant Director, Gun Peggy Knudsen to NTB.

She suggests that the solution is a few weeks away. Only then can the development of the app begin. 

-”Before Christmas, it should be definitely up and running.”, said Knudsen. 

Dialogue with the Danish Data Protection Agency

According to Knudsen,the choice is between a further development of the current solution, a google/apple solution or a combination of these. 

-”We are now calculation how long it will take to develop the various alternatives. The Google/Apple solution will involve alot of new development.”, she points out.

Among those who were very critical of the previous version is the Data INspectorate, and in June, the app was deactivated as a result of a notification from the authorities. 

-”We are now working in close dialogue with the Norwegian Data Protection Authority to comply with the requirements.”, said  Knudsen.

Only about 14 percent of the population downloaded the Smittestopp-app before it was disabled. Knudsen hopes for more engagement with the new version.

-”We will inform very clearly what changes have been made, and what the users can expect. I hope people will use the solution.”, she says. 

Looking to Denmark

In Denmark, a similar app, “Smittestop”, was launched about two months ago. So far, it seems to be working well, with close to a million downloads, says Knudsen, who emphasizes that FHI has always worked closely with the Danes. 

-”We use their experience in our assessments.”, she says. 

The development of the Smittestopp app has so far used close to 30 million. 

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