The FHI to study children diagnosed with the Coronavirus

Line VoldLine Vold in the Public Health Institute.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

The National Institute of Public Health is starting a new study to gain more insight about the infection situation around children who are diagnosed with the Coronavirus.

The project has been named the “Corona-child study” and will follow children aged 3 to 12 who are diagnosed with the Coronavirus, and their contacts in kindergarten or school. 

-”This will provide important insight about children and the infection, even those who do not have symptoms.”, says Department Head, Line Vold, of the National Institute of Public Health at the government’s Corona press conference on Wednesday.


During the press conference, she said that there is so much that is not known about how the Corona infections around children take place, but that the authorities’ advice is based on an overall assessment of new knowledge.

-”There is no evidence that children are an important source of infection in society, but now there are more indications that children can infect others, even with mild symptoms.”, says Vold. 

She also emphasized that there will continue to be cases of infection in kindergartens and schools in the future. 

-”But in most cases where a child or student is diagnosed with infection, few or no one else is infected. Nevertheless, there will sometimes be many who have to be quarantined.”, says Vold. 

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