The fire department in Oslo had 9,400 unnecessary emergency calls last year

Firetruck GjøvikFiretruck. Photo: Norway Today Media


Every day of the year, the fire service in Oslo gets called to 26 fire reports that are not real fires.

The crews at Oslo’s eight fire stations and 110-sentral completed 15,100 missions last year. As many as 9,415, or 64 per cent, of all emergency calls were what the fire service calls unnecessary emergency calls, writes Dagsavisen.

-“A very high number, which we want to reduce,” says Acting Information Manager at Oslo Fire and Rescue Service (OBRE) Sigurd Folgerø Dalen to the newspaper.

On average, firefighters had 41 calls per day last year. In Oslo, there are approximately 3,400 buildings where the fire alarm system is directly connected to the 110-sentral. Such alarms last year accounted for 5,400 unnecessary calls.

Only 7 per cent of the automatic fire alarms are real.

-“In most cases, an automatic fire alarm is triggered by a fault, by building-dust or steam, we know this from experience. Nevertheless, we must always act and have a professional approach until the cause is clarified,” says Brigadier Jørgen Lie.

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