PHOTO: The first person vaccinated against corona in Sweden? 91-year-old Gun-Britt Johansson

Gun-Britt JohnssonPhoto: Stefan Jerrevång / TT / NTB

On Sunday, EU countries start mass vaccination against corona. In Sweden, the first dose was administered at 8 o’clock on Sunday.

The first dose of the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine was administered in Mjölby in Östergötland. 

91-year-old Gun-Britt Johansson at the nursing home Boken was first out in the queue, SVT reports.

“I did not feel anything,” Johansson said after getting vaccinated.

The dose was administered less than a week after the European Medicines Agency approved the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine on Monday. 

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven praised the vaccine development work.

“A light in the dark”

“Only a year ago, COVID-19 was unknown. Today, vaccination against COVID-19 begins throughout Sweden, and in the EU,” he said in a video on the government’s website.

“The vaccine is a light in the dark,” he added.

Löfven also emphasized that 2020 has been a demanding year, but that infection control measures will continue to apply next year.

“The danger is not over. We must continue to follow the authorities’ recommendations, such as keeping our distance and washing our hands. We will persevere,” the Prime Minister added.

On December 22, Sweden’s death toll surpassed 8,000, and almost 390,000 Swedes were infected since the start of the pandemic.

On Saturday, the authorities confirmed that one person had also been diagnosed with the new mutated virus variant.

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