The funeral for Ari Behn will be next Friday, January 3rd

Ari Behn.Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix

Ari Behn’s funeral will be held at Oslo Cathedral on Friday, January 3 at 1 pm, the family’s press contact Geir Håkonsund told NTB.

According to Håkonsund, Oslo Bishop Kari Veiteberg is to conduct the funeral.

Behn took his own life on Christmas Day. He was 47 years old. The Behn family has chosen to be open about ho the died from the start, and many have shown their support for Behn’s family by lighting candles at Lommedalen church, at Slottsplassen and in Moss, where he grew up.

On Christmas Day, there were still many candles burning on the Castle grounds.

Not a state funeral 
Earlier Friday, the government announced that the former spouse of Princess Märtha Louise will not receive a funeral at state expense.

– Ari Behn was an innovative artist and writer who has meant a lot to many. However, as the scheme of burial at the expense of the state has been practiced so far, it is not natural in this case, Communications Director Anne Kristin Hjukse at the Prime Minister’s Office (SMK) to TV 2.

State-paid funerals and burials are usually reserved for soldiers, leading politicians and some cultural figures.

– Obviously there is a regulatory framework that must be followed to obtain a burial at the expense of the state. The most important thing for the family now is that a worthy goodbye is taken with Ari. The family is immensely grateful for all the support and condolences, Håkonsund told TV 2.

Changes the New Year’s speech
Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) has also decided to change his New Year’s speech after the death was announced.

– “Mental health and suicide have long been an important topic for the prime minister and it is also in the New Year speech that was recorded before Christmas. In light of Ari Behn’s passing, it is desirable to make some adjustments in this part of the speech, of caring for everyone who was fond of Ari Behn, and who is now affected by what has happened,” said Ida Dahl Nilssen at SMK to Dagbladet Friday .

On Friday, Ari Behn’s mother posted an open post on Facebook for the first time since her son died. In a photo attached to the post, she stands with her son Ari on a beach.

– Dear beloved Mikis. It wasn’t the darkness that took you. It was the light that met you, wrote Marianne Behn on Friday afternoon.

Torch walk in Moss Sunday
On Sunday afternoon, a torchlight walk will be arranged in memory of Ari Behn in Moss.

“We are so many people in shock who need to talk about this,” promoter Heidi Bøhaugen Sjøstrøm told Moss Avis.

Sjøstrøm and Behn went to school together.

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