The government is asking Norwegians to keep more distant from each other

Karl Johans gateKarl Johans gate.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

The government has asked people to stay at least two meters apart indoors and not be more than five people in a group outdoors.

“In the public space people should keep at least one meter away from others,” said Health Minister Bent Høie (Høyre) when he presented the new measures on Tuesday afternoon.

When outdoors, you should not have more than five people together in a group. This does not apply to people who are in families or living together.

Indoors, people should be at least two meters apart. This also does not apply to those who are with family or living together.

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  1. I go out for my “heart walk” early, when no one else is out.

    Social distancing helps, but even homemade MASKS would be much more decisive in stopping the infection from getting out of people who either have it or the MANY more who don’t yet know they have it, and spreading and infecting *others* as it is, since it can take up to 14 days to show itself in someone, and the person is contagious all that time … according to Dr. Fauci’s testimony to Congress.

    Please read my case for masks and suggestions for homemade masks, under the Norway Today article about King Harald’s speech wherein he urges us to think about *each other*.

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