The government must provide free face masks to people with poor finances

Progress Party leader Siv JensenProgress Party leader Siv Jensen.Photo : Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB scanpix

From Monday, the face mask requirements will take effect in Oslo and Indre Østfold. FRP leader Siv Jensen believes the government should give free face masks to people with bad economy.

– “If the government comes with a requirement on the use of face masks, which is a good infection control measure only for people with good finances,” Jensen says to NTB.

She emphasizes that the rising prices for face masks mean a risk that people with poor finances will not be able to afford to buy them, or that they use the fasce masks longer than recommended.

– “I therefore believe that the government must give free face masks to people with  poor finances, such as low-income families and minimum pensioners, to ensure everyone has a real opportunity to follow infection control recommendations,” Jensen says.

The face mask recommendation, which was presented at the government’s press conference on Friday, is valid for two weeks from Monday 17 August.

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  1. Again, why is the government only “recommending” facemasks? Is the power to order them reserved to the municipalities? Facemasks should be recommended for everyone in the schools too.

    As inexpensive as they are, making facemasks freely available – and reportedly “disposable” facemasks *can* be reused after more than 3 days – seems logical and advisable.

    But this brings up another question: Is Frp – after the Wara “false flag terrorist car burning incident” (I’ve mentioned under the IS wife article) being “rehabilitated” in Norwegian media?

    If so, is that wise?

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