The government says yes to the culling of one wolf pack

wolf helicopter finnmark felledWolf. Photo:

The government gives permission for the culling of one of the three wolf packs within the wolf zone, which the Predatory Animal Board wanted to cull, but says no to the other two.

“The Ministry has concluded that only the license for the Letjennareviret will be pursued. There is no legal requirement for the culling of the Mangenreviret or the Rømskogreviret,” says Minister of Climate and Environment Ola Elvestuen (Venstre/Liberal Party) in a press release.

Licensed culling within the wolf zone starts on January 1st.

“The wolf is a protected species, and there is a higher threshold for trapping wolves within the wolf zone than outside,” says Elvestuen.

In the Norwegian Association of Hunters and Anglers, the decision has been met with disappointment and frustration. They respond that the decision comes so close to the start of the hunt, after an autumn that has been going on for too long with planning the culling licenses.

“The hunters are frustrated and annoyed, and rightly so. The Ministry exhibits what we in good Norwegian call bad folk customs. Words such as involvement and mutual respect are flagged high in meetings and documents, but when we come to the realities we are dismissed with unreasonably short deadlines and lack of dialogue. It is both unacceptable and creates conflict,” says manager Knut Arne Gjems.

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