The Government will allow automation to make decisions for UDI

UDI Logo, minor asylum seekersLogo UDI. Photo Norway Today Media

The Ministry of Justice and Emergency Planning will automate decisions by the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) through automation without the involvement of case officers.

Today, the directorate already uses Ada, which makes decisions in cases where the applicant has agreed that the decision can be automated.

Now the government wants to expand this scheme so that the robot can also make decisions without the consent of the applicant.

Automation involves both increased efficiency and better utilization of resources, and this will also increase the degree of legal certainty and equal treatment. In the proposal, it is proposed that the use takes place in a regulated manner, among other things, discretionary assessments and cases that are appealed will be handled manually, a press release from the Ministry of Justice said.

The Ministry also proposes that the UDI can obtain relevant information from other public bodies, such as the Loan Fund, the tax authorities and the child welfare service.

The consultation deadline for the proposals is set for 13 September.

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