The hotel strike is over

Hotels strike is overOslo.Hotels strike is over.Photo: Torstein Bøe / NTB scanpix

Parties in the hotel strike have reached agreement on a deal, and the strike is called off. The United Federation of Trade Unions prevailed in its demand for local negotiations.

The strike will end Saturday at 12. Both parties have signed the face book, which means that work at the latest shall be resumed at the start of the workday, on Monday, said NHO.
– It has been very important to find a solution that both parties can live with, and that we achieved that. It was expensive, and we have gone to great lengths on several points. Not least, we have accepted The United Federation of Trade Unions’ demands for local negotiations, but everyone must give and take to reach an agreement, says chief negotiator Jostein Hansen from the Norwegian Hospitality Association in a press statement.
The agreement will be placed on a referendum among members of the Federation and the Norwegian Hospitality Association.
– We must await the outcome of the referendum, but we are relieved to have a proposed solution on the table. Now summer is in view, the most important time of year for tourism, and it is time to think ahead, says Norwegian Hospitality Director Kristin Krohn Devold.
The strike within the areas of the hotel and restaurant industry began April 24th. The news that the strike was over came at 2 o’clock on Friday night.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today