The leader of the Norwegian field hospital in Kabul: “Proud and satisfied with our work”

Field hospital KabulPhoto: Jørn Rødum Forsvaret / NTB

Lieutenant colonel Bent Anders Salberg led the field hospital at the airport in Kabul during the terrorist attack. He says he is proud of the lives they saved.

“It was extremely hectic, but we are professionals. We have practiced this many times. Providing treatment is our job,” Salberg told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

Last Thursday, IS-K carried out a terrorist attack at the airport in Kabul, killing more than 100 people. The field hospital had to accept 62 wounded people after the attack, both American soldiers and Afghans.

“We also had to deal with the soldiers who unfortunately died. It is something that must be done with dignity and respect. It was an experience that I think everyone will remember for the rest of their lives,” Salberg said. 

He told the newspaper VG that there were normally one Norwegian and three American surgical teams at the hospital but that they had greater resources than usual the night the terrorist attack took place – as many allied countries were present at the airport with medical personnel.

Salberg landed at Gardermoen on Monday with the rest of the Norwegian forces.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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  1. Norwegians: Courage on all fronts.

    A better friend and ally cannot be imagined.

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