The Liberal Party wants Norway to produce weapons for Ukraine 

Guri MelbyPhoto: Terje Pedersen / NTB

The Liberals (V) are asking the government to listen to the recommendation from NATO when it comes to buying weapons from the defense industry and sending them to Ukraine.

“We are impatient for the government to confirm that they will do as Stoltenberg asks. Ukraine needs more weapons, faster,” Liberal Party leader Guri Melby told the newspaper Klassekampen.

When NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg visited AUF on Utøya last week, he told the newspaper VG that there is a need for Norwegian authorities to sit down with the Norwegian defense industry and ask what they can produce.

VG wrote that earlier that week, Stoltenberg had received a concrete list of wishes from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj.

“Everyone understands that Norway does not have an infinite number of weapons in stock. It may be time to start producing,” Melby noted.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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2 Comments on "The Liberal Party wants Norway to produce weapons for Ukraine "

  1. So Peace Prize Norway’s Liberal Party too wants the government to feed the war with weapons instead of pushing Kyiv for the peace we the West owe the Russians after our past broken security promises to them and then our Budapest peace agreement breaking and war-starting 2014 Kyiv coup.

    Meanwhile, reinforcements for the Russians appear to be heading west on the Siberian Express: 100,000 North Korean volunteers … who are probably indeed volunteering to get out of NK.
    And “Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen, speaker of the Lithuanian parliament, says she will try to build up a delegation of EU parliamentary speakers for a visit to Taiwan,” so Europeans can stir up the Chinese like Biden, Blinken, and Pelosi have, and 200,000 or more Chinese on the Siberian Express … with equipment … may also be expected.

    That is, our genius Western politicians … like Guri … are managing to unleash THE MONGOLS (this time armed with nuclear weapons, not just composite bows) on Europe again!
    (The North Koreans *claim* kinship to the Mongols, actually.)

    So maybe our errant leaders have indeed given former Danish NATO SecGen Anders Rasmussen’s regular hysterical fears for the Baltics’ security some self-fulfilling-prophecy credibility.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, in the States, something no less foundation-shaking has occurred: our politically weaponized FBI has invaded the private residence of a former president – Trump – on a fishing expedition, and American moderates as well as conservatives are exploding, denouncing this as “liberal” dictatorship.
    Nothing like this was done to previous presidents or even Hillary Clinton, despite suspicion of them having authorized/committed high crimes at least as grave as Jan.6.

    This is activating millions of anti-Biden/anti-Federal voters for the 8Nov22 midterms.

    Unless those are cancelled, and the Biden admin. is hiring 87,000 Internal Revenue Service agents who are to be firearms-trained, not mere tax accountants. And the IRS was already politically weaponized, back during Obama&Biden. Even dissident I – on *minimum* retirement income in high-price Norway – got audited and forced to agree to a fine to avert a greater one, since there was/is no way I could afford a lawsuit.

    And meanwhile Earth continues to start to boil in the absence of a unified international effort to stop that which our Ukraine war has made impossible.

    Lemming Fever.

  2. Just posted on WaPo: “Historians privately warn Biden: America’s democracy is on the brink”
    … of a “fascist” takeover, of course.
    My comment beneath:

    No concern at all among these “select” historians about the Biden … government … establishing a *Marxist* totalitarian dictatorship?
    There is NO WAY Merrick Garland would have authorized the FBI invasion of Trump’s home without Joe Biden’s personal approval.
    Meanwhile, from my members-only political forum populated by very moderate, establishment national security retirees:

    “If the so-called Inflation Reduction Act is adopted, the IRS will be hiring 87,000 new agents, more than doubling the size of the agency. Meanwhile, it has been buying record amounts of ammunition, spending $700,000 between March and June, its largest purchase ever. It reportedly has 5,062,006 rounds of ammo in its weapons inventory, along with 4,487 firearms, including machine guns.”

    Somebody has BIG plans.

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