The May 17 children’s parade in Oslo is cancelled

17 MayConstitution Day, 17 May in Oslo.Photo: Tomasz Majewski

The children’s parade in the capital on May 17 has been cancelled because of the coronavirus but children will still play an important role, said the May 17 committee in Oslo. 

The children’s parade that usually goes  from Karl Johans gate and to the Castle is popular. Many tens of thousands of people dressed to party tend to show up to watch the celebration. But the coronavirus has made it challenging to hold the national party.
On Tuesday evening, the May 17 committee in the capital decided to cancel the traditional children’s parade.

“Health comes first. We have for a while considered that we had to consider canceling the parade, but waited so long for this decision precisely because it is so difficult,” said May 17 committee chair, Pia Farstad von Hall, to the Aftenposten.

She added the committee has received several suggestions on how National Day can be celebrated in an alternative way. During this year’s celebration, digital platforms will be used and schools will be important.
“The children will have a role in this. It’s their day,” said von Hall.

The cancellation comes as no surprise. Both Minister of Culture Abid Raja (V) and Oslo Mayor Marianne Borgen (SV) have said that the citizens of Oslo must realize that during the coronavirus crisis,  rather the usual children’s parade with 30,000 children participating, other ways of celebrating National Day must be found.
Raja, who has been given responsibility for coordinating the country’s May 17 celebrations in the midst of the pandemic, said just two weeks ago that this year’s celebration will be unusual.

Stavanger, Trondheim and several smaller municipalities have announced earlier that they have cancelled their May 17 parades. 

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