The ministry Animal welfare asks the royal house to drop fur

Royal Palace Castle Royal HouseThe Royal Palace in Oslo, Norway. Photo Norway Today Media

The call from animal welfare organizations comes after it became known that Queen Elizabeth II did not buy new fur products.

The memoirs of the Queen’s long-time wardrobe manager say that new clothes will now consist of fake fur, writes The Telegraph, which indicates that the Queen has acknowledged that the attitude to fur has changed.

This is the view that the animal welfare organization NOAH should inspire the Norwegian royal house to drop fur, writes Nationen.

– “Fortunately, it has been a while since the royal family’s coats were registered, as NOAH recalls. Still, it is important for many to know that in the future, the family that will represent Norway will not use a product related to animal suffering,” says NOAH head Siri Martinsen.

NOAH and the Animal Protection Alliance have previously approached the castle with calls for both Mette-Marit and Queen Sonja to stop wearing fur garments.

The Norwegian Fur Animal Association points out that it is a long tradition to use fur in Norway and that it should be up to the royals themselves to decide if they want to use it.

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