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The Ministry asks Nav to establish a scheme for identifying paternity for the children coming from Syria

NAVNAV.Photo: Norway Today Media


By Monday, Nav must have procedures in place to determine who the father of orphaned Norwegian children, Norway has picked up from Syria.

In an assignment from the Ministry of Children and Family Affairs, it is said that the government is asking Nav to have procedures ready to establish legal paternity for the children Norway has brought from Syria. The order Dagsavisen has gained insight into, says: “The situation for children of Norwegian foreign warriors in Syria and Iraq is unclear and still not clarified. There is therefore a need for preparedness for various scenarios. It cannot be ruled out that some of these children come to Norway without formal legal paternity being established. “

The order was sent Monday last week, and the Ministry asks Nav to have established routines to determine paternity by 1 July.

At the beginning of June, five orphans were taken from Syria to Norway. The parents of the children are an ethnic Norwegian woman from Oslo and an African man. The two traveled to Syria to join IS. The father is believed to be dead, while the mother has disappeared.

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