The most sought keywords in 2018

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The most sought keywords in 2018 on FINN

 This year’s FINN lists show that Norwegians love sofas, smallholdings and luxury brands and that Oslo is on the property top. Snow blowers, car sharing and Sjusjøen are among the newcomers of the year.


– The fact that sofa, bicycle and small farms are still on the top 10 list of most used keywords throughout FINN, for the third consecutive year, is not surprising. We Norwegians are very concerned with renovation and replacement of furniture, and thus sofas enter into the picture. Smallholdings on their side, represent the dreamer in us, Communications Manager in FINN, Kristine Eia Kirkholm, informs:

– Other things, such as sports equipment and snow blowers, are a bit more seasonal. We see that the searches are very wide, and there are many fun, nice and weird things that are searched for.

Just like in previous years, FINN has made an overview of what we have searched the most for in the year that has gone by. While couches, smallholdings and bicycles are still among the most used and most stable keywords, car parts have entered the top list of FINN cars – and bypassed both BMW, Volvo and trade-in, as popular keywords.

Smallholdings and Oslo still most popular

The real estate situation in Oslo has affected the searches on FINN property in recent years, and that is still the case. In 2016, property shortages and high prices led to Oslo dropping on the search lists and landing in sixth place, while in 2017 Oslo was second on the top list – only beaten by smallholdings.

Also in 2018, Oslo is a place many seek for housing, and the capital is still in a solid second place, just behind the smallholding dream. In addition, Fornebu is in fourth place.

Hommersåk, Konnerud, Nesøya and Sjusjøen are newcomers to the list, with third, sixth, eighth and tenth places respectively, while Trondheim ends up in ninth place.

Car-sharing in focus

We can clearly see that the sharing economy has made its way into the automotive industry on the FINN car search query list for 2018.

In addition to caravans and AMG, which have been at the top of the list for several years, car sharing has come in as a new keyword, with a fourth-place finish.

Also BMW, Volvo, motorhome and GTI are newcomers on the list, and thus pushing both substitute car and “Russebuss” down several notches. Otherwise, Tesla has had a good year and ends in a second place over the most used car-related keywords on FINN in 2018.

Rolex and Louis Vuitton are increasing

On the top list of FINN’s market square, we still find sofa, followed by bike and garden furniture. But also the luxury brands Rolex and Louis Vuitton have been sought after in the used marketplace in the past year. Rolex is now fourth, while Louis Vuitton is in fifth place.

– It is fun to see that many use FINN as a second-hand market for exclusive brands. What is put up for sale is often very nicely used, and offers good opportunities to obtain both expensive and exclusive products, that you might not otherwise have had the opportunity to buy.  It’s ”Just as good with used”, Eia Kirkholm in FINN, states.

While four of the top ten keywords are furniture related, including chest of drawers and dining tables, snow blowers are brand new this year.

– We saw a huge increase in search for snow blowers in January, when there was lots of snow in much of the country. So it pays to be a bit early if you think you might need a blower this year, Eia Kirkholm suggests.

Spain and Greece on the travel top

Spain and Greece are still Norwegians’ clear favorite destinations for overseas holidays, with Gran Canaria and Crete being the most used keywords in charter travel.

When it comes to the airline ticket search, Oslo, with Bangkok and London hot on its heels, is the most commonly used keyword, closely followed by Alicante in Spain – and Bergen.

Spain and Norway are the most popular countries to search for holiday homes and cottages for rent, and here in Norway, there are particularly popular winter destinations, such as Trysil and Hemsedal.

Top searches throughout FINN 2018:

  1. Sofa
  2. Bike
  3. Garden furniture
  4. Rolex
  5. Louis Vuitton
  6. Given away
  7. TV
  8. Smallholding
  9. Dinner table
  10. Chest of drawers


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