The murders in Morocco strongly affect people at Bryne

ImlilImlil, Morocco. Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

The murders in Morocco strongly affect people at Bryne

At Bryne, home to Maren Ueland, many people have been affected by the murder of the young woman in Morocco this week.


Nobody has been untouched by the brutal double killing of 28-year-old Ueland and her 24-year-old Danish friend, Luisa Vesterager Jespersen. They travelled to Morocco, where they were going on a mountain trip. On Monday they were found dead in the Atlas mountains.

Sigurd and Tove Mette B. Larsen are among those who feel that the killing affects them a little extra said Stavanger Aftenblad.

“It’s completely unthinkable what has happened, and it’s deeply tragic no matter where in the world it had happened. But clearly, it affects us a little extra when it is a girl from here. Absolutely terrible,’’ said Sigurd Larsen from Bryne.

“We even have children who are youngsters and we know they are talking a lot about what has happened. As a parent, you have some thoughts,’’ said Tove Mette B. Larsen.

She added that she does not think people completely manage to take in what has actually happened.

Torill Stålesen Høyland and Monika Stålesen also realise that the terrorism has come a little bit closer to home in the past few days.

“This affects us all. We both have children not so far away from Maren in age, so we know that we are feeling this strongly. Everyone is talking about this. It’s just terrible and tragic,” said the two women.


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