The Norwegian Post has a new app that lets people know when it’s “corona safe” to send Christmas packages

Norway PostNorway Post.Photo: Jil Yngland / NTB

The Norwegian Post no longer operates with a deadline for when to send Christmas packages. It now offers customers an app to check whether there is a queue at the post office.

As recently as last year, postal customers were informed that Christmas mail would not arrive if it was sent after December 16.

The Norwegian Post’s (Posten) website now states: “Deadlines apply as normal, but due to extra Christmas mail and packages, you should plan to send mail a few days in advance.”

One week before Christmas

“We now tell people to send the packages a week before Christmas,” press manager Kenneth Tjønndal Pettersen told news bureau NTB.

He rejects claims that the Norwegian Post has lowered its ambitions towards customers by not setting a clear deadline that is easy to comply with.

“We are more ambitious now. We’re giving a deadline that is closer to Christmas than last year, when it was December 16,” Pettersen claimed.

Customer patterns

The Norwegian Post also introduced a new function in the Posten app, through which individuals can check the customer patterns at their local post office and visit the site accordingly.

“There are large amounts of mail to be handled now. With the app, you can clearly see the ‘quiet’ periods.

“It is good for us to have more people coming to post offices during quiet periods.

“It is also good for customers who have to take coronavirus considerations into account,” Pettersen concluded.

However, Posten has set deadlines for parcels to be sent abroad.

These are:

Denmark: December 15

Finland: December 16

Iceland: December 17

Sweden: December 18

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