The Norwegian Post is hiring new employees

Norwegian postPhoto: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

The Norwegian Post (Posten Norge) admitted that too many people lost their jobs in the restructuring earlier this year. Efforts are now being made to build up the staff.

Significant work pressure, a lot of overtime, and unpredictable working days have created frustration among employees in the Norwegian Post after the reorganization, according to Fri Fagbevegelse.

The Post’s information manager Kenneth Pettersen says that they made plans for all units for new operational arrangements and new staffing before the reorganization. 

The current staffing needs have changed due to the new shopping patterns among Norwegian postal customers, such as increased online shopping and parcel mail.

Lack of staff

“The combination of these things resulted in a number of (postal) units unfortunately not having enough staff,” Pettersen said.

“The result was that a number of employees have experienced that the workload has become too great. 

“We regret that many of our employees have, for a period of time, experienced too much work pressure.”

He said that the Post is currently working to improve work plans, staffing, and recruit new employees.

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