The number of people satisfied with health services in Norway is increasing, new survey shows

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More Norwegians are satisfied with health services such as nursing homes and GPs, and satisfaction with the NAV is at its highest level ever, the 2021 Citizens’ Survey shows.

“Overall, we can say that the inhabitants have become more satisfied with health services, but less satisfied with educational services. Nevertheless, satisfaction with both the state and municipal services is generally high,” the Directorate for Public Administration and Financial Management, which is behind the survey, states.

Satisfaction increased for municipal health services, police, defense, and hospitals but decreased for universities and colleges.

Primary school is doing significantly worse than before, but those who do not have children in primary school state that they are less satisfied than those who have children there.


There are differences in how happy people are based on where they live in Norway.

All in all, there has been a marginal decline in satisfaction with municipal and state services from 2019 to 2021. At the county level, Troms og Finnmark stands out with the lowest scores on both the state and municipal services.

In general, residents in the non-central municipalities in Norway are less satisfied with the quality of the comprehensive service offer than those who live in the central municipalities.

If you look at the services separately, for example, the inhabitants of central municipalities are most satisfied with the police and hospitals, while the inhabitants of the non-central municipalities are most satisfied with nursing homes.

Influencing political decisions

In general, Norwegians have little faith that they can influence political decisions, but at the same time, many residents largely agree that the public sector offers high-quality services.

Questions about the possibility of influence have not been asked in previous surveys, and it is therefore not possible to compare the results with previous years.

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