The Oslo Fjord Council starts working on saving the Oslo Fjord

Sveinung Rotevatn - Oslo fjordPhoto: Torstein Bøe / NTB

The Oslo Fjord Council had its first meeting on Tuesday. The council’s goal is to ensure that the measures to save the Oslo Fjord are implemented in accordance with the government’s action plan.

In March, the Norwegian government presented an action plan aimed at providing a better environment in and around the Oslo Fjord. The Oslo Fjord Council is tasked with ensuring that the measures in the plan are part of local and regional policies. 

The coordinated action plan for the Oslo Fjord states that the situation in the fjord is “dire.”

“The environment in the fjord is threatened. The cod stock is at a historically low level… The kelp forests are getting smaller. Due to environmental toxins, we can’t eat fish and shellfish from parts of the fjord. Maritime trash and microplastics are a serious environmental problem”, the government wrote on its website.

“Now, we must act to make the Oslo Fjord healthy. Therefore, the government has presented a plan with measures that will help nature recover, and among other things, help increase the cod stock… and facilitate outdoor life for all,” Minister of Climate and Environment Sveinung Rotevatn (V), who heads the council, stated.

The municipalities around the Oslo Fjord, the counties, and organizations that work on preserving the Oslo Fjord are all part of the Oslo Fjord Council. Coordinated efforts across municipalities, industries, and sectors of society are necessary to achieve the goal of a clean and rich Oslofjord, the Ministry of Climate and the Environment noted.

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