The pandemic is in full swing worldwide

The Assistant Health Director, Espen Rolstrup NakstadOslo.The Assistant Health Director, Espen Rolstrup Nakstad.Photo : Annika Byrde / NTB scanpix

The FHI is concerned about the spread of the virus worldwide, and the Norwegian Directorate of Health are asking vacationers to be cautious when they go home. 

FHI is concerned over the increasing amount of infections in America and areas around India and the Middle East, said the Chief Physician, Siri Feruglio, on Wednesday’s press release on the Corona situation.

-” We are keeping a close eye on this.”, said Feruglio.

The Assistant Health Director, Espen Rolstrup Nakstad, has stated that the pandemic is in full swing in the world. There are regional differences, he explains. 

He does not want to discourage travel to other countries with low infection rates, or the so called “green countries”, but also does not suggest large scale travel activities to these countries.

-” The individual must make his own evaluation if he should travel or not. Then, familiarize oneself with the situation in the country one is planning to travel too.”, said Nakstad. 

The Norwegian Directorate of Health asks travelers to be extra cautious when they go home from their travels.

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  1. I think Norway is going to *have* to facemask eventually, and as I suspected if “disposable” facemasks are hung up after use (in the garage, basement, or some other place not often accessed) they can be RE-USED after a week or so. Cardboard/paper and cotton fabric dry out and kill the virus quicker than some other surfaces it contaminates.

    For my kids, I have bought some – billig/cheap: 10 for 160 NoK/$16.00 – and numbered them 1-5 for their schooldays, if wearing them becomes a requirement out in public and/or at school … let alone on buses and trains as they already should be.

    The article says that if the disposable facemask gets visibly dirty, it’s time to replace it.

    I have mentioned that I have gargled with pure, neutral, natural soap and a couple times even dabbed a little in my eyes, when I have recently felt unusually sharp irritation in my throat or eyes, but there are warnings NOT to get soap in your throat or eyes because that can cause damage, so doing that is apparently a BAD idea.

  2. vivien hill | 16. July 2020 at 23:03 | Reply

    DISTANCE LEARNING is a valid educational alternative in NZ AND OZ..for geographical and other reasons.It works well, is organised , structured and has a high level of supervised accountability by both parents and the education for the children !
    The process is available at University level also..e.g. Massey NZ
    Often students perform better.
    Be like the olden more self sufficient..get a freezer..cycle your food going to the shops is more purposeful and planned to avoid a large number of people.
    Best time in shops first thing Monday’ lowest germ level
    If the worst doesn’t happen it is still win win–with the improved economic efficiency.
    A resurgence is highly prepared..dont waste this window of opportunity.
    Re-assess priorities..”food, clothing, warmth and shelter”–NOT the latest electronic stuff or other expensive toys..
    A fundamental change in attitude (plus the masks)–will improve the outlook
    Employment raises huge questions–and compromises the children
    It wont go on forever.—-but cover your backs for at least the next 12 months

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