The people divided in opinion about IS mothers


The Norwegian people are divided on the question of IS mothers and their children, but a majority would allow the mothers to return according to a survey Norstat has done for NRK news.

39% of the respondents would allow both mother and child to come back to Norway, while 30%would bring the children alone to Norway and leave their mother in Syria. 17% think it would be right to leave both mother and child in Syria, and 14% do not know.

So there are many who want to leave the mothers in Syria, and others who believe they could come back to Norway.

‘’I think the figures show that there is a little spread in the population and that it is a complicated question’’ said State Secretary, Jens Frølich Holte of Høyre (H) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to NRK news.

He said the government is working intensely with other countries to find a solution for orphans in refugee camps in Syria.

‘’We are working actively to find possible solutions for orphaned Norwegian children. These children are particularly vulnerable because they are without carers, and therefore we prioritise them’’ he said.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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